Auntie Thanh Mai, her spinal condition is not only age-related but also the result after many years having sacrificed for her loved ones

There is a common myth that aging and diseases are synonymous. However, for Auntie Thanh Mai, her spinal condition is not only age-related but also the result after many years having sacrificed for her loved ones.  At her age now, she has finally settled down to a peaceful life with family.  However, she had one wish that she could find relief from her compression fracture for which she has undergone many failed treatments.  Auntie Mai and her family then found ACC and made the decision to seek help at ACC.

At the first light of the sun, Auntie Mai came to the clinic accompanied by her child who left all the work behind with priority to take good care of the mother.  Auntie Mai was assigned to Dr. Rob Sleiman, a Doctor of Chiropractic for her treatment at ACC.

Upon examination, Dr. Rob prescribed her a course of treatment which include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to correct the misalignment structures, release nerve compression and improve the spinal function. Chiropractic is the main method to treat spinal problems without using any drugs or surgeries.
  • DTS spinal decompression to relieve the pressure on spine and reduce muscles spasm.  ACC is the first clinic in Vietnam to bring in and utilize Second Generation Triton Decompression Systems technology. DTS is a proven, hi-tech treatment useful for treating disc syndrome and compressed fracture arising from spinal problems. In many cases, patients are able to achieve a long term cure with DTS.
  • Laser phrase IV, a high intensity laser which has been shown to be very effective in healing pain and accelerating wound healing and reducing inflammation. It has the ability to deeply stimulate bone tissue, help regenerate cells and cure pain effectively. This is also a method that is being applied by ACC to bring high effectiveness in treatment for many patients.
  • Rehabilitation and physio-therapy to soften the muscle surrounding the spine, stimulate nerve function and strengthen the muscle.

As a result of all the efforts, her condition improved day by day.  After only 10 days of treatment, she was already 80-90% better.  Her family was then completely assured that Ms. Mai can go for the treatment on her own because they knew she will always receive the best care from ACC.  At the end of the treatment, Ms. Mai expressed a big thank you to ACC, especially to Dr Rob having been a really dedicated doctor towards her recovery.


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