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ATM2 – Active Rehabilitative Movements therapy addresses the root cause of disk syndrome, week and imbalanced muscles. This leads to a long term cure of the problem. More than 80% of people in the modern world, suffer from disk syndrome and back or neck pain at some time in their life. Traditional treatments for Disk problems, such as drugs, surgery, chiropractic and physiotherapy, often give relief to the pain. However, there is often a reoccurrence of the problem due to long-standing muscle weakness or imbalance.  ATM2 is a system of exercise that corrects these imbalances, and restores normal, pain-free function of the spine.

After DTS and chiropractic treatments have repaired the damaged disc, The ATM2 machine is incorporated with other therapeutic exercises to achieve a long-term cure of the problem. This new technology from America is brought from the US and ACC is the first clinic in Vietnam to use this.

The ATM2 is scientifically proven to work in the treatment of disk syndrome, and other causes of back, neck, knee and hip pain.

1. What is ATM2?

It stands for Active Rehabilitative Movement. This is a device that helps patient in relieving pain conditions of any sorts that have been difficult to treat.

2. Who will benefit for this ATM2 treatment? What are the indications for ATM2?

The ATM2 machine can help people with:

> Back pain

> Neck pain

> Shoulder pain

> Hip

> Knee

> Postural Imbalances like Lordosis, Kyphosis, and Scoliosis

3. How does it work?

The device works very simple. To use it, the patient will just have to stand against the device comfortably. Belts and straps will be used to provide stabilization and compression during adjustments to change posture and align the body until the pain is eliminated. Simple range of motion exercises will also be performed during this process after the patient achieves a pain free state.


4. How long is the process?

ATM2 sessions typically last about 15 minutes, and often paired with another therapy like DTS, Chiropractic Adjustments, Physiotherapy, Rehab Core Stability Exercise and Laser to achieve optimal level of function for painful areas.

5. Is it Safe?

Absolutely YES. The adjustments will be done in a comfortable manner, according to patient’s level of comfort. Exercise intervention will not commence until patient is in a pain free state. Achieving a pain free adjustment is an imperative goal for the ATM2 treatment.

6. What are the CONTRAINDICATIONS for ATM2?


> History of Fainting

> No pain reduction during set-up phase

> Light headedness, dizziness, nausea, seeing “stars” while strapped to ATM2

> Over-exercising on the ATM2

7. Why does the patient need to stand during the treatment?

Standing is a FUNCTIONAL position. All our Activities of Daily Living are done in a standing position. Most injuries are acquired at the time when a person is in an active state and in an upright position. Therefore, ATM2 addresses condition in a functional manner.

8. Why do we have to use straps and belt?

Straps and belts provide stabilization and compression to achieve proper body alignment and at the same time provide relaxation of big muscles that tends to restrict normal body movements.


9. Why can’t we perform more than 10 repetitions of exercise?

The exercise teaches our brain to fire muscles correctly, specifically the muscle stabilizers along the spine (multifidus). This muscle is so small and easy to fatigue, we don’t want to overexercise this kind of muscles since it will create another injury thereby causing more pain.

10. What is the difference between ATM2 and DTS?

ATM2 facilitates active motion while DTS is a passive treatment. Although both can ensure relief of pain, ATM2 however is more functional since it’s done in a standing position and active exercises are incorporated during the process to increase range of motion, decrease pain and improve function. ATM2 is often paired with DTS, Rehab, Chiropractic adjustment and Laser.

11. How often and how long should a patient use ATM2?

Normally, it would depend on doctor’s prescription but most patients were offered immediate relief and improve mobility and flexibility after 1-2 ATM2 sessions.