Mrs. Nga Tran Thi Ngọc was a 60-year-old woman who had difficulty walking due to the condition of joint degeneration.  Given the severity of her hip problem, she had to undergo a hip placement surgery at a local hospital.  However, her condition did not improve as she hoped and the pain actually increased. Believing that her fate was sealed, Mrs. Nga almost surrendered to despair, until a friend introduced her to ACC where she found herself a new ray of hope.

In many hospitals, patients are normally prescribed with drugs as well as surgery to treat arthritic pains. These methods have many side effects and as such patients should consider carefully before treatments. ACC provides the alternative of effective musculoskeletal treatment with chiropractic manipulation, a commonly used technique in the United States, Our chiropractors are qualified and well-trained doctors with 6-8 years of studying as well as having practiced in spinal & musculoskeletal treatments. The techniques are performed by finding the misaligned spinal vertebrae or musculoskeletal position and manually adjust them back to their correct positions. In addition, our doctors apply chiropractic adjustments combined with Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation methods in order to obtain pain relief without any side effect and support healing process.

Dr. Ryan J. Mean, Mrs. Nga’s primary doctor, shared some insights on her condition as well as the treatment procedure. Although the surgery initially seemed quite successful, she didn’t improve due to the complications caused by pains and difficulty in walking.” Dr. Ryan approached her condition with a specifically designed treatment plan – being a combination of Chiropractic adjustment, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative program. The rehab holds an important role in her case as it helps regain proper function of her hip. During the treatment, rehabilitation plays a very important role in helping to restore hip’s mobility.

Ms. Nga feels very happy for her very good experience of her hip joint recovery at the ACC clinic. She shared that after each session she could feel her condition gradually improving and regretted not knowing ACC earlier. If you are having  musculoskeletal condition, do not hesitate to contact us for treatment consultation.


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