Lumbar disc herniation in young age

Certain conditions such as disk herniation usually appear in elderly people, though the trend now seems to become more common even at young age.  Mr Duong Dang Quyet is a patient with such problem from Quang Binh province, the middle of Vietnam. At the age of 25, Quyet is a young, dynamic and an enthusiastic man with many dreams ahead.  He is currently studying and practicing mechanics in his hometown.  As the job requires him often to carry heavy materials, symptoms started to develop in him.  His back and leg were numb with pain, causing difficulty while walking.  During the whole Tet holiday, the symptoms got worse and he was unable to walk, forcing him to just stay at home. He also lost his appetite and suffered from insomnia due to the prolonged severe pain.  Quyet was even more depressed when he was told to undergo surgery for operation on the herniated disc.  By chance, he got to know about ACC and chiropractic method through a heath consultation program on TV.

At ACC Danang, Quyet was in the good hands of Dr. Edouard and after only 12 sessions, his pain was significantly reduced with his condition improving after each treatment. Dr.  Edouard is a specialist Doctor of Chiropractic with a history of doctors in the family back in France.  He continued the legacy in becoming a Chiropractor, having studied in Paris and graduated from IFFC (Institute Franco-Eropéen de Chiropractique). Dr. Edouard uses Chiropractic manipulation techniques covering Gonstead, Diversified and Sacro-Occipital, which require 5000 hours of studying on subjects including physiology, anatomy, diagnosis, pathology, neurology, radiology and orthopedic

On the condition of Quyet, Dr. Edouard diagnosed several herniated discs in the lumbar with the worst being at L5/S1, where the nerve has been severely pinched at the spinal cord.  This nerve compression has caused the pain and numbness along the left leg.  With successful treatment, Quyet would be avoiding the risks that come with surgery.  His care-plan was assigned with chiropractic adjustments combined with Decompression Traction System(DTS) and laser.

Quyet’s condition progressed beyond expectations in his recovery as he was treated in the clinic along with exercising at home under guidance of the rehabilitation therapist and doctor.  He is now very optimistic in believing that he will fully recover very soon to resume a normal life.  He would never forget the doctor’s instructions on working positions, healthy living habits and ways to properly carry things.  The “herniated disc” is no longer a concern anymore for Quyet.

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