An amazing recovering after 10 years of living with disc herniation

Mrs. Đinh Thị Thu Hương, 55 years old came to ACC in Saigon on one beautiful sunny day with complaints of neck, shoulder and back pains which have radiated to both of her legs.  After having suffered the pain for 10 years, she was quite terrified, tired and very depressed.  Mrs. Hương has gone around to all the city hospitals in Vietnam, and even to Singapore for a cure but sadly, she could not find any help she needed and the pain continued.  Mrs. Hương was about to give up when a friend of her, a patient in ACC who has successfully recovered from similar conditions, introduced chiropractic treatment to her.

An amazing recovering after 10 years of living with disc herniation

After the examination, Mrs. Hương was initially diagnosed with severe cervical and lumbar disc herniation which led to the pains radiating to her shoulder and legs.  Dr. Aubrey who was provided the diagnosis, understood that gaining her understanding and trust in the treatment method was important, as well as a critical factor influencing its success.  He patiently explained to Mrs Huong on how he would work on getting her back to a normal life, winning her confidence and belief.  Mrs. Hương was henceforth treated with chiropractic adjustment, combined with DTS compression, laser and rehabilitation to speed up the healing process. After a few sessions, she felt that a positive change in her condition which was a really good sign for her after the many years of treatment failure.  At the 6th visit, she shared: “the pain is gone now and I’m now able to drive a car, ride a bike, exercise – all that I couldn’t do for a long time. I’m very happy”. Her diet and sleep were also getting better. She used to sleep fitfully for years because of the pain. Mrs. Huong has since continued on a maintenance program at the clinic to ensure her good condition remains intact.

Dr. Aubrey said on the patient condition: “Mrs. Hương has neck and back disc herniation and spine degeneration. Although her condition was felt for the ten years, the degeneration may have happened from a long time ago even before the symptoms appears. It could have occurred due to improper posture maintained in daily activities, and in the case of women, especially after birth.  People typically do not check on the health of their spine until disc herniation appear and cause symptoms. Though prompt treatments would help address problem and also save time as well as cost at the early stage, prevention would always be the best. Doctors like us hope not only to bring good healthcare, but also to teach people how to live a healthy life”.

Under the devoted guidance of Dr. Aubrey, Mrs. Hương understands how to take good care of her spine and that “good-health does not only lie in doctor’s hands, it comes from our own life-style and that we are responsible for our health”.


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