Spinal degenerative disease

Spinal degeneration is a chronic condition caused by degenerative disc and joint disease. People with spinal degenerative conditions experience pain and limited motion due to pinched nerves and other dysfunctions.

Many people rely on pain killers, topical herbs, and other alternative medicines with the hope to reduce pain and symptoms. However, the results are usually temporary because the underlying cause, which is spinal structure, is not properly addressed. Furthermore, medication abuse can cause more serious problems such as peptic ulcers, heart, liver, kidney dysfunctions…


What can be done for spinal degeneration?

Seeing a doctor of chiropractic is a critical step towards treating spinal degenerative conditions without drugs or surgery. A Chiropractor will examine a patient thoroughly in order to provide a diagnosis. Once the assessment is completed, a specific treatment plan will be recommended. To complement chiropractic care, physiotherapy, rehabilitative program, diet, and customized at-home exercises will also be prescribed.

Chiropractic adjustment

Loss of the lumbar curvature may be caused by spinal degenerative disease. The main principle of Chiropractic is to restore the proper function and motion of the spine. A chiropractor uses his hand to precisely manipulate the misaligned area. Once the spine returns to its own balance, it activates the body’s self-repairing organism. Chiropractic care is generally considered safe and is practiced worldwide to treat spinal conditions. Even children and pregnant women can also benefit from chiropractic adjustments.



Physiotherapy such as DTS spinal decompression machine, Vertetrac ambulatory traction, ATM2 machine, Class-IV Laser therapy, and Shockwave therapy can be recommended to alleviate pain and restore muscle strengths.

Everyone should be aware of when experiencing any spinal problems such as pain, numbness, muscle weakness… and should seek professional care at the nearest ACC clinic. Early detection and proper care will increase the likelihood of recovery.

Be aware of fake chiropractic care in Vietnam

More people decide to choose chiropractic care as a non-invasive way to treat acute or chronic spinal musculoskeletal problems. In order to avoid being deceived and having the condition deteriorate further in the process, everyone should assess and select a doctor carefully. This circumstance matters even more, especially when "fake…

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