Drug-free treatment for lower back pain

A lot of young people age between 22 and 26 come to ACC clinic with similar complaints of lower back pain. These mild symptoms can lead to further complications if not recognized and treated early enough.

Lower back pain
Lower back pain has become more relevant to young adults

Common symptoms

  • Initial pain starts in the lower back or along the spine with radiation to one or both legs. Pains and aches intensify when sneezing, coughing, bending, or lifting heavy objects.
  • Stiffness and spasm in the lower back.
  • Persistent pain indicating chronic problems.

Drug-free treatment methods for lower back pain

Proper exercises

Stretching and strengthening are essential to maintain and prevent lower back pain and other spinal problems. These can be at-home exercises or specifically designed by specialists or therapists to enhance the effectiveness.

Improve ergonomics

Neglecting workstation positioning, prolonged sitting with bad posture can affect the spine and cause lower back pain. Therefore, adopting a comfortable and adjustable workstation, and creating a habit of stretching every 30 minutes would be beneficial for everyone.

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Physiotherapy aids in minimizing pain in the lower back by stimulating and reducing muscle tensions.

Chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractor will examine a patient thoroughly before making any diagnosis or treatment plan. Lower back pain is generally a result of prolonged sitting or incorrect movements. However, it can also be due to a disc herniation or other spinal degenerative diseases. To treat lower back pain for long term recovery, it is important to address the spine as a whole. There are many parts of the spine such as discs, joints, muscles, and other connective tissues that can be effectively repaired through chiropractic adjustment.

Lower back pain
Dr. Edouard Sabourdy using his hands to manipulate patient’s spine

At ACC, our chiropractors use their hands to manipulate the spine. Depending on the specific symptoms, physiotherapy such as electro modalities, ultrasound therapy, class-IV Laser can also be used to speed up the recovery process and reduce pain. In addition to that, the DTS spinal decompression machine is also applied as a complementary method to treat chronic pain and other spinal conditions.

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