The main goals of spinal traction include:

  • Pain relief
  • Decreased pressure on the spinal nerve roots
  • Improved soft tissue extensibility

Vertetrac & Cervico 2000 are the two ambulatory decompression devices that are designed to treat acute and chronic spinal conditions.

1. Vertetrac Decompression Device

The Vertetrac was developed to bring rapid pain relief to patients suffering from lower back pain and lumbar spine-related injuries and disorders including:

What really sets the Vertetrac apart from other lumbar spine traction treatments is its ability to enable spinal decompression in three dimensions, simultaneously.

2. Cervico 2000 Decompression Device

Cervico 2000, unlike other cervical spinal decompression medical devices, is comfortable, provides rapid relief and a fast return to active life-style. Cervico 2000 is a unique cervical traction device, which provides vertical and upward distraction along the cervical lordosis. Indications for use of the Cervico 2000: neck pain as a result of degeneration and disc herniation, whiplash injuries, torticollis, and sport injuries.

Vertetrac & Cervico 2000 provide many advantages for treating low back pain and neck pain. They eliminate the need for medication. At ACC, we utilize these devices in our rehabilitative programs. When combined with chiropractic care, we have helped and given new hope to thousands of patients suffering from debilitating pain and chronic spinal problems.

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