Mrs. Son Huynh Thi, a 68-year-old woman from Dong Nai province, went through a hard period of time due to difficulty in walking. She was diagnosed with disc herniation and recommended to undergo surgery by a local hospital. Fortunately, her daughter knew about ACC from a friend and decided to bring her mom in with hopes of finding a cure with non-surgical treatment.

According to Dr. Edouard Sabourdy, Mrs. Son was experiencing a really bad case of sciatica. Her L5 and S1 joints were so severely degenerated that they became fused together.  In addition, she also had disc problems at L4-L5. Dr. Edouard advanced treatment with chiropractic adjustment being a commonly used technique in the United States. ACC provides such effective treatment without the dangers of drugs or surgery. Dr. Edouard performed specialized techniques to find the misaligned spinal vertebrae and manually adjust it back correctly to the original position. Our doctors apply chiropractic adjustments combined with Physiotherapy methods including Iontophoresis, Decompression Traction System (DTS), Shockwave Therapy and Class IV Laser therapy. etc. With the diversity in treatment methods, Mrs. Son was able to manage her pain without usage of drugs. These comprehensive methods that effectively help her obtain drug free pain relief by releasing pressure on the spine and regenerating the damaged tissues.

Before coming to ACC, Mrs. Son relied almost solely on the help of her daughter to move around. After several treatments at ACC, she was able to walk easily even up and down stairs. Mrs. Son showed her gratitude to Dr. Edouard for his dedication to her treatment. With the help of Dr. Edouard, her illness completely disappeared and she is able to get back to her normal life with her family.

Mrs. Son also wants to share her advice with other patients who are suffering from the same condition, that undergoing surgery is not always the only decision. Instead, patients can choose chiropractic manipulation without drug or surgery as a safe and effective alternative method. If you are having problems with your spine, please don’t hesitate to contact us for treatment consultation.

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