The recovery journey of Mr Luong Quoc Thanh after stroke

On his way back home one day in last year, Mr. Luong Quoc Thanh suddenly felt dizzy and fainted on the street.  The next day, Thanh woke up in the hospital with a stroke, which has caused paralysis to the right side of his body. Before the stroke, Mr. Thanh used to be a deputy in a department of an insurance company and the breadwinner of his family.  This incident severely impacted him and his family when he lost his ability to function normally.  All his daily activities depended on his mother and wife, who were always by side in his recovery journey.

Mr. Thanh came to ACC clinic with the entire left side of his body paralyzed due to a cerebrovascular condition, also known as cerebral bleed. Cerebral vessels were broken and blocked which pinched nerves, affecting control of the active muscles.  As a result, the movement in his right hand and right leg was completely restricted.  In view of the severity, ACC doctors carefully assessed his condition and assigned a treatment plan including chiropractic combined with physiotherapy as well as rehabilitation for him.  After two months, the improvement to his condition was incredible.  During the 2 months of treatment, the ACC team of doctors as well as staffs continually encouraged the patient and day by day, the small changes added up to the difference.  The spiritual and emotional well-being underscored by strong support, understanding and patience by the family would also be critical therapy for a stroke patient, giving to them the hope and faith of a return to normal life. After one year of the great effort, Mr. Thanh charted an amazing recovery of 90% and was even able to return work. He felt that he was given a new opportunity to write a new better and healthier chapter in his life.Mr. Thanh hopes that his case can help inspire all other patients who suffer in the same situation as him: “Don’t give up, be persistent and keep going.  The period right after the stroke is a critical time to catch on starting your recovery journey.  Apart from help from doctors and others around you, the patient must put in a 100% of their efforts and must never give up on his situation.”  Till today, Mr. Thanh has continued working hard to attain the highest level in his physical health.

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