Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives.

What is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can be an ongoing or chronic problem for many people. Symptoms of low back pain might range from a dull ache to a stabbing or shooting sensation. The pain may make it hard to move or stand up straight. There are many causes for low back pain, such as injuries, traumas, wear and tear, prolonged postures, or even lack of proper exercises. Due to the complex structure of the spine, discs, joints, muscles, and ligaments can be damaged. Many people rely on drugs and medications; however, those are not the solutions to this type of problem.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Those with Low Back Pain?

Chiropractic care can be a great way to manage and relieve low back pain. Chiropractic care provides patients a safe, non-invasive alternative to take a step closer to their health goals. Our doctors at ACC will perform a consultation, examination, and if necessary, refer you out for diagnostic imaging such as X-ray or MRI. Based on the findings of our chiropractic exam and consultation, your doctor of chiropractic will elect a suitable type of treatment for your specific conditions.

We follow the latest evidence-based research and apply it to our practices. ACC prides itself on having a very high success rate in treating low back problems. Through our services, many patients have achieved their health and wellness goals.

Make an appointment at ACC clinic today to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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