• Thank you letter from Shane H. Harrison – USA

    Thank you letter from Shane H. Harrison  – U.S.A.  April 27, 2014

    American Chiropractic Clinic Vietnam

    161 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 6, District 3, HCM City

    Dear Dr.Brackenbury and ACC staff.

    After several years of continual major running injuries. I thought my distance and competitive running days were long over. A couple year ago I told a friend I would never be able to run marathon again because of injuries and since it had been over a decade since and done anything like that. But thanks to you and your staff and your custom orthotics, not only am I back running but in better shape and running better than I ever have.

    This weekend I won my first running race in 24 years (a 17km/10.5 mile trail run), last weekend I raced in a road marathon (42km/26miles) with 6500 runners starting together and placed 30th overall and 5th in my age group, the weekend before that I ran a full trail marathon, and in February 2014 I completed my first ultramarathon (55km/34miles).

    Over the past couple years, the A.C.C has been incredibly meticulous in creating custom orthotics that met my specific needs for both everyday wear (full insert multi-density) and running (carbon fiber). Without these orthotics in my daily shoes, I suffer incredible fatigue and debilitating pain in my arches and pain in my knees. Without these orthotics I over-pronate running, causing painful stress on my ankles, Achilles tendon, and hips.

    Bottom line, I would be almost crippled without these. Yet with them I am able to not just function normally, but train and complete at a level I never thought I would in my 40’s.

    Also, thank you in helping me rapidly overcome some major injuries a couple years ago. Your ability to combine deep-tissue acupuncture with modern healing methods had profound results, fully healing what I anticipated would take 9 months in just 6 weeks.

    Thanks you beyond words for your incredible, life changing service!


    Shane H. Harrison

    HCMC,Vietnam & Provo, Utah, USA