Post-stroke Rehabilitation

The severity of stroke complications and each person’s ability to recover vary widely.

What factors can affect the outcome of stroke rehabilitation?

  • The severity and degree of damage to the brain.
  • Age. The degree of recovery is often greater in young adults as compared to the elderly.
  • Level of alertness. Some strokes depress a person’s ability to remain alert and follow instructions needed to engage in rehabilitation activities.
  • The intensity of the rehabilitation program.
  • Severity of concurrent medical problems.
  • Cooperation of family and friends. Supportive family and social networks can be a very important factor in rehabilitation, which usually extends over many months.
  • Timing. Generally, the sooner it begins, the greater are the chances to regain lost skills and function and for a successful rehabilitation.

Our team of professionals at ACC understands that recovering from a stroke is a tedious and challenging process. Hence, we strive to make your path to recovery easier. Individualized rehabilitation and holistic care is the prime feature of our rehab program.

Rehabilitation Program

The role of physical rehabilitation is to help regain and restore the pain-free life, comfortable movement and overall health that a person experienced prior to an injury, illness or disability. 1. Who Needs Physical Rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is for people who have lost abilities that they need for daily life. Some…

ACC’s multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs ensure a smooth transition from a painful recovery to a happy, routine life. At ACC, the rehabilitation program extends to the patient’s family too. We help in educating and creating awareness to provide lifelong support.

Why ACC?

We are the first clinic that offers exclusive stroke rehabilitation services utilizing the Pneumex Pneuback in Vietnam. We provide outstanding services with an excellent team of doctors and specialists who have years of experience in dealing with stroke complications. We aim at helping you see life in a new light and rejoin life with new hope and new dreams.

Key components of our Stroke Rehabilitation Program:

  • Balance training & Strength training
  • Gait training
  • Social interaction
  • Mobility training
  • Family education

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ACC has proudly served Vietnamese and Expatriates by providing quality health care for both treatment and prevention. We thrive to offer the same sterling standard of customer service, chiropractic expertise, and commitment to health and wellness to all of our patients.

Make an appointment at ACC clinic today to achieve and maintain optimal health.

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