Behind the radiant smile and absolute positive energy, no one would believe that Mrs. Hong Nguyen Thi, a successful entrepreneur, has gone through some serious suffering of chronic pain from cervical disc herniation. The pain initiated in the neck and radiated down her entire right arm.  In addition, she also experienced severe numbness in the fingers. After undergoing many treatment methods without gaining any relief, Mrs. Hong reached out to #ACCclinic with the hope to stop the pain and regain her normal life.

Through imaging and clinical examination, Mrs. Hong was diagnosed with multilevel cervical disc herniation from C3/C4, C4/C5, C5/C6, and C6/C7 – which has resulted in the pinching of all the nerve roots that travelled down her upper extremity. Pinched nerve root is a really serious condition that can lead to loss of motor function, and it was the chief reason behind Mrs. Hong’s excruciating numbness.

Dr. Eric Balderree – Doctor of Chiropractic at ACC clinic – who was Mrs. Hong’s primary doctor, developed a specific protocol in approaching her condition safely and effectively:

  • Chiropractic adjustment – the optimum method for spine and disc problems, by using the chiropractic technique, a chiropractor can restore the normal function of the spine and reduce pressure on discs and nerves.
  • DTS Spinal Decompression therapy – helps ease the herniated disc symptoms, at the same time, reduces pressure on the pinched nerves
  • Class-IV Laser therapy – heals up scar tissues, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the recovery.
  • Manual therapy – modulates muscle pain, increases range of motion, and induces relaxation due to chronic subluxation.
  • Beyond that, Dr. Eric also demonstrated and introduced Mrs. Hong to home exercises as well as correct postures in order to prevent pain relapses.


Mrs. Hong  gained an 80% improvement after one treatment plan and the numbness in her arm and fingers was gone. It’s not a one-time miracle pill, but the recognizing of symptoms and seeking of professional help as well as maintaining a positive attitude and most importantly, patience were the main elements that contributed to Mrs. Hong’s speedy recovery.

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