Tips to prevent back pain while working from home

Are you sitting with your back straight while reading this article? If yes, then you deserve a pat on your back. Or laying on the sofa with your laptop? And the consequences could mean bad posture that leads to back pain. Here are some tips that will help keep you pain free while working at home:

Use of a low back support

Adding a rolled towel or other cushion between your lower back and the chair. This will make you sit up straighter and improve your posture.

Correction of desk set up

Sitting with good posture means each part of the body is in alignment:

  • Computer screen should be an arm’s length away from you.
  • Top of the computer screen should be at eye level.
  • Keep knees bent at about 90-degree angle with feet flat on the ground.

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Take Regular Breaks – Move once every hour

Even if you just stand up and sit down, you should try to move once every hour. Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can lead to pain. Stand up and do some stretch, take a laptop/ walk around the house or grab a snack if you need a reason to get up and move.

  • Get up from your sitting position at least once every hour for a minute or two.
  • Use this time to stretch, walk around the house, get a drink or snack, or step to balcony for some fresh air or enjoy your blossom flowers. These short breaks will go a long way in preventing stress and back pain.

Optimal Movement – Exercise

Do exercises whenever you can. Exercising is essential for keeping your body healthy, and can be very helpful in preventing back pain. You can do stationary exercises at your desk, at your sofa, on your bed or at the kitchen, at the bathroom…. This can be simple exercises like stretches, leg raises, neck and shoulder moves. These are gentle workouts that can help strengthen your core and promote good posture.

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Creating good habits, keep good posture when working from home will go a long way to prevent back pain. Not only will these tips help you avoid a sore back, they will also improve your overall wellness.

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