Stretches for Neck and shoulder Pain Relief – 5 Minutes exercises every day with ACC

If your neck is stiff or sore, you are not alone. Neck and shoulder pains are one of the most common types of pain among office workers.

The main cause of neck and shoulder pain is usually a bad posture or sitting and working in a position for a long time as well as the habit of using smartphones improperly. When sitting in an improper posture position with the head bending forward a lot, the natural curve of the cervical spine will be affected creating imbalance of the muscle groups in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

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Doctors of ACC Clinic – Da Nang, would like to introduce 2 very simple but very effective home exercises that can be performed at your desk to improve pain as well as release neck and shoulders tension. The 2 exercises are to be repeated 3 times / day, 20 beats / time.

Let’s spend a few minutes each day with ACC to take care of your spine health!

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