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Phòng Khám ACC

ACC – 161 Hai Ba Trung will be opening from 1st February 2018 at 99 Nguyen Du, D.1, HCMC

Flat feet and foot pain are not normal!

Pain is never a normal part of life! Pain In the feet or elsewhere means something is wrong. Growing older does not necessary mean you or a loved one must suffer with pain. Bunions, heal spurs, knee arthritis, and pain in hips and back mean something is wrong. Very often, the problem lies in the structure of the foot itself.

At ACC, We Fix Feet!

Our center provides the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options for all of the most common foot care needs. For the past 7 years, ACC has owned and operated the most advanced Foot Orthotics lab in Southeast Asia. With second generation Swiss Cad-Cam equipment, and nearly two decades of experience, we produce the finest foot orthotic in Asia. Each year, literally thousands of patients find relief with our treatment methods. Each year professional athletes as well as regular people travelling from Europe, Australia and America seek a solution to their long standing foot problems.

What are medical grade foot orthotics?

Foot orthotics are precision made foot beds that can be inserted in shoes, or attached on top of sandals. They provide relief for a wide range of painful problems. Medical grade foot orthotics are made from a cast, or a scan of the actual foot.

Foot orthotics hold the foot in the proper position, and prevent the arch from collapsing. Making a foot orthotic is not easy! No foot or foot problem is exactly the same, even when computers and digital mills are applied in the manufacturing of the foot orthotic, much of the work still must be done by hand. At ACC, we apply a number of traditional as well as technologically advanced methods for making a variety of foot orthotics.

What conditions do Foot Orthotics help?

Foot orthotics are helpful for treating a wide variety of problems including:


The process of making medical-grade foot orthotics


Flat feet cause an unhealthy imbalance in the feet that affects the entire body.  Foot orthotics can balance the feet and improve the knees, back and neck as well as the feet.


At ACC we apply Swiss Cad-Cam technology to scan the foot.


A foot being scanned using Swiss Cad-Cam Technology


Corrections to the 3D foot scan being made by the Doctor


Using a computerized mill to cut the foot orthotic.  (Swiss Cad-Cam Process)


Finishing the Orthotic, some work still must be done by hand


Final grinding of a foot orthotic


At ACC, we make the most precise and effective foot orthotics in the world!



ACC Doctor fitting a patient with foot orthotics. 


Checking the correction of a carbon fiber foot orthotic. 


Foot orthotic can effectively cure many of the problems that occur from flat feet.


At ACC, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of feet. 


The finish grinding of a carbon fiber foot orthotics.


Soft foot Orthotics