Spinal Disk syndrome – it may happen at any age

Lee Hyunmin, a 29-year Korean has been suffering with lower back pain since 2011 due to spinal disk syndrome.  For 8 years, the pain severely affected his daily life until finally he decided to see a doctor for treatment. He was introduced to ACC by a friend.

Spinal disks are protective shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the spine.  When disks at the lower back bulge, it will pinch the surrounding nerves and may even rupture over time.  Consequences are lower back pain, numbness, weakness and symptoms can radiate to hip, legs or even foot.

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At ACC, Huynmin was diagnosed with L5/S1 disc herniation and improper bone structure. The Doctor of Chiropractic treated him by chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy.  Chiropractic is the practice of finding areas of the spine where the nerve function has been affected, causing symptoms, and working over a period of time to remove the nerve dysfunction by adjusting the spine. Chiropractic adjustment is a way of treatment to manipulate musculoskeletal condition by using hands to adjust dislocated joints back to their places.  Chiropractic helped this case by addressing the root cause of his problem, which was in the spine.  He was able to recover in his health and function of the spine, and the symptoms gradually reduced.  For physiotherapy, Hyunmin was treated with advanced system called DTS – a device used widely in the USA and Europe to treat disk syndrome.  It helps to depressurize the spine and works by gently stretching the spine to reduce the pressure.  Besides DTS, he was also treated with laser therapy for speedy pain relief.  Laser is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects.  It can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery for a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions.  The final part of Hyumin’s treatment plan was rehabilitation sessions to undertake some exercises choreographed by the rehab therapist, with target to strengthen muscles which were weakened due to the disk syndrome. All exercises were designed specifically for the condition of each patient. These treatments would bear no side effect.

After 4-5 sessions, Hyumin’s pain that he had suffered for years subsided and after 12 sessions, he recovered completely without any more pain. This is another successful case to prove the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment which does not require any drug or surgery.

If you’re suffering with any muscular or joints pain, do not harm yourself by taking pain killer drugs only. Check out how ACC Clinic can help you immediately.

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