Flat feet and foot pain are not normal!

50% Asian children suffer from flat foot syndrome. Many parents know their children has problem in feet but they don’t know how to treat.

Flat foot in children can lead to problems in the bones of the foot. The flat foot can cause rolling in of the side, damaging structure of the foot. This rolling in can cause the lower leg to rotate resulting in pain in the knee or the feet.

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Flat feet can make a child hard to play any sport. Flat feet can even interfere with a child’s ability to walk normally. Imbalances in the feet can eventually affect the hip and the back in the developing child. Pain is never a normal part of life! Pain in the feet or elsewhere means something is wrong. Growing older does not necessary mean you or a loved one must suffer with pain. Bunions, heal spurs, knee arthritis, and pain in hips and back mean something is wrong. Very often, the problem lies in the structure of the foot itself.

Our center provides the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options for all of the most common foot care needs. For the past 7 years, ACC has owned and operated the most advanced Foot Orthotics lab in Southeast Asia. With second generation Swiss Cad-Cam equipment, and nearly two decades of experience, we produce the finest foot orthotic in Asia. Our digital scanning equipment is the most effective method of assessing the foot. Orthotics is effective in treating flat feet in children and adults. If treated early enough, flat feet in children can be corrected with foot orthotics. It is always better to treat the flat foot immediately. The older they are, the more difficult it is to treat. Each year, literally thousands of patients find relief with our treatment methods. Each year professional athletes as well as regular people travelling from Europe, Australia and America seek a solution for their long standing foot problems from ACC.

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