Injury prevention & enhancement performance program for golfers

Most golfing injuries in both amateur and professional players are from improper swing mechanics, over practice and lack of physical conditioning. In order to prevent sport injuries, the golfers need to improve for better strength and flexibility. There are some common golf injuries including backache, tendonitis in the elbow, wrist pain, knee pain, within which spinal injury is most often the biggest concern. When players perform golf swings, they create repetitive rotations of the lumbar spine resulting in a lot of pressure on this area.

Golf ịnuries

According to Dr. Marc Tafuro, learning and understanding the types of injuries as well as knowing how to prevent them will be very useful for golfers to proactively protect their health. Therefore, ACC clinic offers a comprehensive musculoskeletal & spine care program for golfers developed by the leading specialist doctors in Vietnam.

Dr Marc Tafuro

Why choose us?

Our injury prevention and enhancement performance program provides many benefits for golf players, including:

  • Strengthening the spine and overall body.
  • Improving flexibility of joints in wrists, shoulders, elbows, back & cervical spine as well as feet.
  • Consultation on any particular weak area of the body.
  • Instructions on proper golf swing technique.
  • Safe and effective treatments of sports injury problems, without use of drugs or surgery.
  • Advice on personalized exercises and nutrition.
  • Advice on choosing right shoes, clubs and other proper equipment.

Chiropractic adjustment helps to improve enhancement performance 

According to Palmer University, at least 72% of PGA golfers on tour use chiropractic adjustments to improve their game and prevent injury. By using hands to adjust misaligned structures, chiropractors can perform a correction on the body’s structural alignment to improve its overall functions. In sport injury problems, this is a highly recommended treatment with safe & effective treatment where it helps patients to restore spine function as well as reduce pressure on nerves without using drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic adjustment improve range of motion and injury prevention for golfers
Chiropractic adjustment improve range of motion and injury prevention for golfers

Chiropractic combined with physiotherapy treatment help to improve athletic performance and offers several health and wellness benefits vital to everyone including:

  • Improve body posture & reflex.
  • Increase strength, range of motion & flexibility.
  • Reduce risk of injury/ pain prevention.
  • Speed up recovery time.
  • Improve performance of movement for athletes.
  • Reduced Stress, Better Focus and Concentration.

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