Flat foot syndrome and 7 exercises to support treatment

Flat feet occurs in a person who does not have an arch, which can affect the entire skeletal structure of our body significantly.

Flat feet and foot pain are not normal!

50% Asian children suffer from flat foot syndrome. Many parents know their children has problem in feet but they don’t know how to treat. Flat foot in children can lead to problems in the bones of the foot. The flat foot can cause rolling in of the side, damaging structure…

To treat this condition, you can start doing 7 exercises below with the goal to form an arch.

  • Heel stretch
  • Roll your feet with a tennis or golf ball
  • Raise the arch of the foot
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Raise the arch of the foot with a platform
  • Roll your feet with a towel
  • Toe exercises
> See detailed instructions via link:
> Refer more flat feet exercises as guided by Dr. Edouard Sabourdy:

Kindly note that the supported exercises are to be applied as appropriate to the condition of each individual.  You should therefore consult your doctor before doing any of the exercises.

These exercises are only supportive and you should still see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

ACC Clinic is a leader in treating flat feet with different methods.  With no drugs and no surgery, ACC have successfully treated many people with flat feet in the region.

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