Proper sleeping position – Relieve the pain

Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and feet pain cause inability to sleep well. Some suggestions to find a suitable sleeping position for your health and a good night’s sleep are as below:

  • Back pain: If you have back pain at night, sleeping face up is the option. Put a pillow under your feet to restore natural curves and relieve stress on your spine.
  • Neck pain: If you have neck pain, keep in mind that the neck must always be supported during sleep. Sleep with a pillow in a face up position and a pillow under each arm will help reduce neck pain. If you like to lie on your side, choose a thin pillow under 15cm.
  • Shoulders pain: Put a pillow under the head and another pillow under the stomach area. The pillow close to the belly will help stabilize the shoulder. Do note that sleeping face down can cause your shoulders to be imbalanced.
  • Leg pain: If you have trouble sleeping due to leg pain, use a pillow to support your leg while sleeping. This will help to improve blood circulation to the feet.

A good mattress is very important to support the spine in order for a good night sleep to be possible. The Backmaster mattresses help stabilize the spine and  preventing spinal pain, as well as support treatment of spine to eliminate back pain. Check with the doctors at ACC today to find out the cause of your pains and the right sleeping solution.

ACC treat the root pain with modern methods without drugs or surgery.

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