Lumbar disc herniation – The nightmare of many young people

The spine is a series of vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Once the intervertebral disc weakens and loses its normal function, it starts to bulge. The bulging disc can worsen with time and cause the nucleus pulposus to break through, putting pressure on the nerves. This is called a disc herniation. Disc herniation typically affects the cervical and lumbar spine. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, the condition can lead to further complications and dangerous outcomes.

One of the most common question on lumbar disc herniation is the type of person who would more likely be affected by this condition – whether they are normally of the older or younger age group. Back in the old days, only individuals above 40 years old would expect to encounter a herniation as the disc begins to dehydrate when a person ages and loses its hold. As a result, not only are they are at risks of having disc herniation, they would also be susceptible to other musculoskeletal problems.

Increasingly in recent years however, lumbar disc herniation starts to surface in the younger generation. Individuals aged 25 and above, especially office workers who spend most of their time sitting at office desks with an inactive lifestyle, are at now also in higher risk bracket of those suffering from this condition. On the contrary, individuals who work out at least twice a week since a young age, and maintain the habit throughout their lives seem to be having a lower chance of getting any disc herniation.

In the case of herniation, when pain is experienced it may be a good thing being the first symptom and an indication of early stage in a disc injury. As such, pain as annoying as it may be, encourages an individual to seek professional help. That being said, if a person chooses to ignore this first symptom and waits for the pain to go away, the injury can exacerbate and the bulging disc may start to pinch the nerves. Once the nerves are pinched, they may not be able to be restored to the normal state, which later can lead to the experiencing of weakness and numbness permanently. Moreover, pinched nerves can also impact other internal organs. Therefore, recognizing early symptoms, seeking professional help and changing lifestyles in general are the key factors in treating, maintaining and avoiding relapses in the future.

One of the most effective type of treatment for the lumbar disc herniation condition is Chiropractic Adjustment – being the safest and organic way to restore the nature of the intervertebral discs. By applying a precise pressure, a chiropractor – who has an advanced academic background in this field, can manipulate the misplaced joints and bring them back to the proper positions, at the same time reducing the pressure on affected discs and nerves. With more severe cases or individuals who underwent spinal surgery, chiropractic care incorporated with a specific rehabilitative program, based on each individual’s condition, can assist and enhance the recovery rate.

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