Long term relief of chronic knee pain: Looking at the feet!

There are a wide variety of problems that cause pain in the knee. Only the most severe knee problems require surgery and most knee pain can be treated conservatively.

Most knee pain that just “develops”, is a result of improper biomechanics of the foot and lower leg.


Flat or “crooked” feet, are a big cause of knee pain. Foot orthotics are often a big help.
Flat or “crooked” feet, are a big cause of knee pain. Foot orthotics are often a big help.


Problems in the feet will affect the rest of the structure of the body. The knee is the first place pain will develop.

Long-term relief of knee pain can only be achieved by addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs often give only temporary relief, and cause other health problems. Our approach to treating chronic knee pain has five components:

1) Chiropractic manipulation for the spine, pelvic, knee and foot to correct imbalances in motion.

2) Foot orthotics, to correct foot biomechanics, taking the strain off of the knee joints.

3) Intermittent traction, to improve joint health and to reduce inflammation.

4) Supplementation with Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, and other minerals and vitamins to help repair damaged cartilage and other soft tissue.

5) Corrective exercise to stabilize the improvements in the knee joint structure.

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