Gentlemen, keeping your wallet in the back pocket is not a cool thing to do!

Most men carry their wallet in their back pocket. But even though most men do this, it is not a good thing! A wallet in your back pocket hurts your posture and can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. This is because a wallet in the back pocket causes uneven pressure on the spine.

When sitting, the pelvic and the hips are the foundation for the rest of the upper body. If you shift the pelvic at all one way or the other, it can cause the lower back and the upper back to have uneven strain. The spine twists, then becomes misaligned. Next, your shoulders slump. And the result is pain. This can even cause premature degenerative changes in the spine.

This leads to much more pain, more serious problems, and lots of business for Doctors like me.

A much better option is to move that wallet to your front pocket. Even if you really want to keep you wallet in your back pocket, like I do, you should remove it, and put it in the front before you sit down. It is also important to keep your wallet as thin as possible. Even when it is in your front pocket a smaller wallet will be better.

I often treat people who have had pain in the back, neck and shoulders for many years. We are always looking for ways to help patients achieve a long term cure to their problems. Exercising and taking breaks from long hours of sitting would help. Moving the wallet from the back pocket is also very important for recovering from back pain, or preventing it in the first place.

Dr Wade Brackenbury, ACC —

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