Long term relief of knee pain due to osteoarthritis! The ACC approach!

Many people in Vietnam past the age of 45, suffer from Chronic Knee degeneration, and knee pain. ACC has developed a system of treatment that combines three methods of treatment to create a long term cure to knee pain.

The Healing Power of Class IV Laser!


ACC utilities the most advanced European lasers available anywhere.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy offers healing and pain relief through a process known as photobiostimulation. Prompted by a dose of deep penetrating light energy, your body produces increased amounts of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), the substance responsible for cellular energy production. The increase level of ATP lead to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and ultimately, an accelerated healing process. The cartilage and other tissues of the knee joint actually begins to regenerate.

Correction of foot problems!

#29 foot Orthotics

ACC owns and operates the Top foot orthotics lab in South East Asia.

When a foot is too flat, it roles in as one walks. This is called over pronation.

Over pronation, caused by flat feet, lead to rotation and degeneration of the knee joint. In South East Asia, a high percentage of people, maybe as many as 50%.

Suffer from flat feet and subsequent knee denegation and pain. Many are in their 40s or younger. Correction of the feet relive the rotational pressures on the knees and allow them to heal.

Flat feet and foot pain are not normal!

50% Asian children suffer from flat foot syndrome. Many parents know their children has problem in feet but they don’t know how to treat. Flat foot in children can lead to problems in the bones of the foot. The flat foot can cause rolling in of the side, damaging structure…

Corrective exercise


At ACC, we have incorporated advanced functional exercise into our treatment routines. Functional exercise when performed correctly, can lead to a long term cure to chronic knee pain. At ACC, we incorporate rehab methods from both America and Europe.

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