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Stiff neck and back is a condition in which the joints are deformed resulting in difficulty in movements. There are two main causes of Stiff neck and back: arthritis and joint degeneration. Doctors need to determine exact causes of the condition in order to prescribe the right treatment for patient. ACC clinic can cure Stiff neck and back by non-drugs, non-surgical methodology with long-lasting effect, thus helping patient regain the joy of life with no more pain.

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Stiffness occurs at any position on the body, typically at four common sites: the lumbar region, the neck, the knee and joints, as well as the hands. Depending on the stage, the level of severity is different for each patient.


Untreated joint stiffness can cause serious complications when the patient loses the flexibility of moving the joints in the body which cause chronic pain with drastic affect on the patient. The most serious outcome could be a deformity of spine and pinched nerves. Once the nerves are compressed, the muscles in the upper and lower limbs weaken, resulting in dire consequences.

What should the patient do?

When a patient is diagnosed with arthritis, the first thing they should do is to determine whether the cause of condition is due to degeneration. Arthritis may require drug interventions, but if it is case of joint degeneration, the patient need not take drugs as there are alternative treatment methods such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, or acupuncture.

Symptoms of disk degeneration

Aging is a normal process of the human body. Along with the skin, hair, eyes; your spinal disk can also degenerate. The degenerative disk disease may get better over time or deteriorate if it is linked to other spinal problems. Thus, it needs to be cured. Getting to know the…

How to treat stiff neck and back?

Stiff neck and back due to neck spasms and knee degeneration can be treated with combined chiropractic and rehabilitation therapy such as radiotherapy. Advanced IV generation laser (helps improve blood circulation, increase red blood cells, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, cartilage and tissue regeneration) and Shockwave (high energy acts on pain points, injured musculoskeletal tissues, promotes wound healing, bone regeneration, tendons and other soft tissues).

Supplements such as Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Vitamins help to restore cartilage and damaged soft tissues, treat traumatic types, musculoskeletal and muscular disorders in sports, as well as other pains as a result of sedentary lifestyle. These methods help slow down the process of degeneration, provide pain relief and prevent degenerative problems. Arthritis is a more serious condition where in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, patients may have to be prescribed medication particularly in severe cases.

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