ACC accompany badminton player Nguyen Thuy Linh

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ACC is proud to accompany Vietnam’s number one female badminton player Nguyen Thuy Linh for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2022.

Returning from the Tokyo Olympics, badminton player Nguyen Thuy Linh has decided that she needs to take care of her health and to recover from her sports injuries at ACC clinic.

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Dr. Erik Waardenburg explained about Thuy Linh’s condition: “Thuy Linh experienced pain and damaged to the shoulder joint as well as the muscle above and below the spine. This is the result of her high-intensity, repetitive overhead hand movements.” 

In order to treat and restore Thuy Linh towards her best performance, Dr. Erik has prescribed a treatment method including:

Class IV Laser Therapy: healing damages and stimulating cell regeneration.

Shockwave: High-energy sound waves impacting pain points and damaged muscles tissues regenerate bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Rehabilitation: Enhancing muscle strength, optimizing the body’s recovery ability.

As an athlete, it is extremely important to recover from injuries and to prepare the best health foundation before each competition. Thuy Linh has trusted in the non-drug and non-surgery treatment method to provide the support needed in order to ensure the highest peak performance possible for the coming SEA Games in Hanoi in May 2022.

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