FV Hospital officially announces ownership of the American Chiropractic Clinic

On April 6, 2022, FV Hospital and ACC Clinic held a ceremony to officially announce the merging of the two leading healthcare service providers in Vietnam. This is a remarkable milestone for FV and ACC in the ongoing development and long-term growth strategy.

ACC is distinguished by having many patients travel from other countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and even America to take advantage of its unique approach to treating musculoskeletal diseases. ACC is recognized in Asia, as the most advanced clinic to combine chiropractic with advanced forms of other therapies and rehabilitation.

“Just like ACC, FV is the first original international hospital in Vietnam and they are acquiring ACC – the first original chiropractic clinic in this country. This is a great notable milestone in history as I believe that this kind of M&A is the first that has taken place in Asia. It is a great opportunity for FV patients, including pediatric patients with flat feet, orthopedic patients with back and other spinal-related pains, diabetic patients with foot issues, stroke patients, etc. to benefit from the services of ACC. Vice versa, ACC patients will have seamless referrals to FV for cases, such as orthopedic conditions that need surgery, imaging and other medical tests, co-management of long COVID, cancer and stroke patients,” said Dr. Wade Brackenbury, ACC’s Founder and Spokesperson.

As a member of FV, ACC will further improve its medical examination and treatment services to give patients more treatment options and easier access to FV Hospital, helping more people to take advantage of FV Hospital’s amenities and network.

Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon, General Director of FV Hospital and new President of ACC, said: “With the ambition to become Asia’s leading medical service provider, FV is building a strategy to develop into a corporation with a comprehensive, international-standard healthcare ecosystem. The acquisition and 100 percent ownership of the ACC clinic system is an important turning point in this process. ACC becoming a member of FV will help bring many benefits to patients.”

It can be affirmed that this strategic merging and acquisition event will help the community and patients to receive comprehensive, international-standard healthcare and access to an expanded suite of effective, appropriate treatment options.