Children And Foot Pain

Does my child have Flat Feet?

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Flat foot in children is a very common problem in Asia, as well as in Western countries. Flat feet can be a serious problem if left untreated. At ACC, we specialize in the effective treatment of flat feet in children, and solve children and foot pain problems.

Parents often notice when a child has a flat foot, the foot will tend to turn in. This creates an angle that rotates the rest of the foot. It can affect the child’s posture, and interfere with walking or running.

Flat feet in children is a serious problem and should be corrected as early as possible.


If your child has a flat foot, you can see the angle of the ankle bend in sharply when the child is facing away from you. The child may complain of pain in the foot, ankle or the knee. The child may also have a history of clumsiness or trouble in sports.

The most effective treatment of flatfoot is orthotic therapy. Orthotics are custom made shoes inserting that correct foot structure and function. To work effectively, orthotics needs to be made specific from a mold or scan of the child’s foot. Generic orthotics are often prescribed by doctors who are not specialized in foot treatment, but in general they are usually not a good idea.

Orthotics will help to prevent the flat foot from progressing and to decrease the current pain that the child is experiencing. They will also prevent other problems later in life such as knee joint arthritis and back pain.

At ACC, we utilize the latest in Swiss Cad-Cam Technology to produce the most effective foot orthotics available anywhere in the world.

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Many parents are worried about their children’s flat feet, but in most cases the problem can be corrected if treated early enough. In younger children (3-7 years old), flat feet are easily managed and the child can have a normal and active life with no limitations. However, be aware of children’s feet and their pain. It is common for children to fall and cry, but it is not common for a child to have foot pain or fatigue. It is always better to treat the flat foot immediately on a conservative basis because the older they are, the more difficult it is to treat.


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