Effective treatment for disk herniation: Mr. Chi Kien’s story

Effective Treatment For Disk Herniation: Mr. Chi Kien’s Story

At age of 45, Mr. Vu Chi Kien wanted to continue staying active and healthy. Many patients often ignore the first symptoms and let their condition worsen before doing anything. However, Mr. Kien decided to take an MRI, and with the recommendation from his friend, came to ACC when he started experiencing symptoms of pain and numbness from shoulder to finger. Dr. Erik W. Waardenburg diagnosed his condition being due to degeneration, multi-disc herniation from C3 to C7. He assigned Mr. Kien a treatment plan which includes 3 treatment methods as below:

Chiropractic to manage and relieve the disc compression

DTS Decompression Traction Therapy to gently stretch the spine, relieving pressure from the discs, joints, and muscular tissues, while enhancing the body’s natural healing process.

Class IV Laser therapy which decreases pain, reduces muscle spasms, and improves circulation to injured tissue

After going through the treatments, Mr. Kien shared that he felt as if he has not been sick and his life has resumed to normal. Actually, after the first 3 treatment sessions, he felt a little worse with little bit more pain. Mr. Kien understood however that if this did not work, he may have to have surgery which is not his choice. He persevered through the treatments and started to see the difference after 1 week. He then continued to feel much better and recovered gradually. After 2 weeks, his hand was almost back to normal and he can go back to his daily life including riding his motorbike. In the next four to five sessions, he completely recovered.

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