Kids and chiropractic

Kids and chiropractic: Chiropractic treatment is great for kids. Children love coming to our clinic and getting their spines adjusted. Chiropractic treatment for babies and children is carefully adapted to their growing bones. It is safe, gentle and effective.

Most parents take their kids for routine visits to the dentist for check-ups. Yet this was not always the case. It has only been in the last half century that the concept of Preventative Dentistry came into being. Likewise, the concept of Preventative Chiropractic care is just now being recognized for its great value in preventing illness and disability.

As with visiting a dentist before tooth pain develops, a spinal check-up performed by a chiropractor could prove to be valuable in the life of your child. Not only is their trauma in childbirth itself, children are constantly falling, jumping and running. These normal childhood activities are just a few of the many methods for vertebral subluxations to occur. If not detected and corrected these subluxations can have serious health consequences for the future.

Chiropractors have traditionally been identified with back pain and adults. The role of children and chiropractic has been relatively non-existent. However, the spine, which houses the nervous system, functions to control the entire body. If problems interfere with this system, any messages raveling throughout the nervous system, via the brain to the spinal cord to the body and back again, are impaired. This interrupts the normal, healthy actions and functions of the human body. These interruptions are called Vertebral Subluxations.

Many children visit us to find relief from ear infections, allergies, asthma, attention problems, bed-wetting, back/neck pain and headaches. Although, chiropractic does not treat specific symptoms, we find that a healthy immune system results in an effective defense mechanism. Such complications can arise when a subluxation within the vertebra of the spine impair communication of the messages traveling from your brain via the spinal cord to the body.


Typical of chiropractic clinical studies is that of a six-year-old boy who had asthma since age three and was using inhalers up to three times a day. He received chiropractic care and made significant progress almost immediately. He was finally able to run during soccer games and began to sleep more soundly. After a short time he hardly ever had a blocked nose and his inhalant use stopped. Another case history is that of a 34-month-old boy with asthma and enuresis (bed-wetting) who had not responded to medical care. More than 20 emergency hospital visits had taken place for the asthma attacks during a 12-month history. Three chiropractic adjustments were administered over an 11-day period and the asthma symptoms and enuresis ceased for more than eight weeks. The asthma and enuresis reoccurred following a minor fall from a stepladder but disappeared after adjustments. After a two year follow-up the mother reported no recurrence of the asthma or the enuresis.

Chiropractic Adjustment

1. What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is a way of looking at the human body as a whole. It is based on the idea that given the right environment, the body is self­-sustaining and self­-healing. You know that your body is controlled by your brain, but the spinal cord and the…

Ear Infections

46 five-year-old with otitis media were placed under chiropractic care. 93% of all ear infections improved, 75% in ten days or less and 43% after only one or two adjustments. Improvement was based on parental decision (they stated that the child had no fever, no signs of ear pain and was totally asymptomatic), and/or the child was asymptomatic to the DC and/or the parent stated that the child’s MD judged the child to be improved. Interestingly, those children who had a history of antibiotic use took longer to heal.

Chest Infections

In this study of over 4,600 children with upper respiratory tract infections, only 95% of cases that received spinal care did not develop any secondary complications. These results were superior to antibiotic therapy, with no side effects. The author writes, “It would seem unnecessary to use any therapy other than manipulative therapy.” (Purse FM. Manipulative therapy of upper respiratory tract infections in children. J Am Osteopathic Assoc. 1966; 65(9): 964-972.)

Developmental Communication Disorder

A two-year old child with a medical diagnosis of ‘developmental communication disorder’ was non-responsive to any external stimuli. He did not respond to sound or touch, even to receiving an injection. Chiropractic analysis revealed a neck problem. On the third visit he responded to something happening around him. By the sixth visit, he started to follow certain commands and stopped making repeated hand motions. He started to talk after the 12th office visit. (Goldman SR. Subluxation location and correction. Today’s Chiropractic. July/August 1995;70-74.)


Spinal adjustments were given to 316 infants with colic. 94% were symptom-free within a two-week period of treatment.

Chiropractors are specifically trained to examine and adjust children of all ages. Even for newborns it’s important to remove subluxations to ensure the future health of your child.

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5 Reasons for Kids to see a Chiropractor

1. Birth. Birth Creates trauma. Nine months in an uncomfortable position can create the beginning of future postural problems. In addition, pulling, twisting, pushing, forceps and vacuum extractions all cause trauma to the spine of a newborn creating subluxations and spinal cord damage that can be silent for years.

2. Our nervous systems, made up of our brain and spinal cord, control every function of the human body. Subluxations or interruptions of this communication network means our body can’t function at 100%. This is not optimal health at less than 100%.

3. Daily traumas of being a kid must be taken seriously. Running, jumping, falling, twisting are just a few of the mechanisms for childhood spinal injury. Furthermore, movements while changing a diaper, learning to use a walker, being lifted by parents, carrying a back-pack, physical demands of sports and sleeping behaviors all become the stepping stone for serious future difficulties if not dealt with immediately.

4. Prevention of problems. A healthy spine and nervous system helps to prevent common health problems experienced in children. Included in these are ear infections, colic, headaches, bed-wetting, asthma and other problems.

5. Posture – The old adage of “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”. Children’s spines are subject to a number of different stress and strains placing it at risk of future problems like scoliosis or a curved spine. To prevent this from taking place and causing future changes regular spinal screens for posture are important. Prevention at an early age is the key to deal with problems that could plague your children for a lifetime.

More and more we find concerned parents visiting the offices of chiropractors throughout the world for spinal check-ups. The importance of a healthy spine and nervous system is paramount for your child’s future. A healthy nerves system insures that your child is better equipped to deal with everything from back/neck pain to sore throats to measles and chickenpox. Don’t underestimate the bodies’ power when it functions at 100%. By adjusting subluxations, chiropractic insures that your body has the opportunity to function at its best.

For Mothers Too

Spinal problems are common during pregnancy; up to 90% of pregnant women have them. Rapid physical and chemical changes during pregnancy can aggravate existing spinal problems and can make the spine and pelvis unstable through relaxation of the ligaments. Together with postural changes this causes pain in back, buttocks, groin and legs. Pregnancy and labor are more comfortable for women under chiropractic care. The chiropractic drugless approach is ideally suited for pregnancy care. Chiropractic can also help women with premature contractions, morning sickness and can help prevent post-partum depression. Research revealed that women who have chiropractic care enjoy easier pregnancies and deliveries. Back and pelvic pain, common after giving birth, also responds well.

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