Flat feet

What does it mean to have “flat feet”?

The human foot normally has a combination of three arches. If these arches begin to flatten, the foot begins to fall inwardly and to rotate the knee and ankle. This can lead to degeneration of the knee joint, foot pain and back problems. Flat feet in children can be corrected in the majority of the cases, but in adults, the problem can be treated, but will usually persist for life.

What causes flat feet?

There are several comment causes to flat feet. The most common is wearing improper shoes or sandals, lacking arch support, especially during the early years of life. Poor nutrition, certain illnesses, and genetic factors can also contribute to the development of flat feet.

What is a foot orthotic?

A foot orthotic is a device that is inserted in a shoe or attached to a sandal, to correct a problem that is developing or has already developed in the foot. Orthotics are made from a large selection of materials, including carbon fiber, plastic, foam, cork and leather. The making and fitting of orthotics is a highly skilled service that can only be performed effectively by a qualified medical grade orthotics foot lab.

ACC presently has the most sophisticated foot orthotics lab in all of Asia.

Who needs foot orthotics?

A wide variety of patients, with a wide variety of foot problems can benefit from foot orthotics. As much as 70 % of Asian people and 40 % of Europeans have the disorder of flat, pronated feet that result in foot pain, knee degeneration, back problems and other painful problems.

People with diabetes often developed skin problems on their feet, and foot orthotics can help to stop these problems from developing into ulcers and infections.

Heal spurs; plantar fasciitis, and bunion are other problems that are well treated with foot orthotics.

How long do I need to wear a foot orthotic device?

Some conditions, such as plantar fasciitis etc. can be corrected with foot orthotics over several months. Most people who have on going foot issues will need to wear orthotics continuously. At ACC we pride ourselves on making the most comfortable and durable foot orthotics in the world. We are one of the only labs in the worlds to make our own carbon fiber and other composites. And for our other materials we only use the highest quality of medical grade supplest available, which we often have to import from Europe or America.

This attention to detail, along with our world class manufacturing and measuring techniques produces orthotic devices that can give many years of comfortable service.

Can I wear foot orthotics with open shoes, or high heels?

In most cases, we can manufacture orthotics that can be Velcro into a sandal or flip flop type of shoes. We also provide the service of attaching the Velcro and fitting the orthotic at no extra charge. We also make a variety of orthotics for women’s court shoes and high heel shoes, although this type of footwear is not recommended for extended use.