Dr. Timothy Gallivan




For over twenty years, Dr. Tim has been living and practicing Chiropractic as the critical part of his life.  After a sports injury in his early 20’s, he was introduced to Chiropractic and realized his true passion in learning and sharing  ideas on natural healing methods with others.

– Dr. Tim graduated from State University of New York College at Buffalo with degrees in Political Science and Public Administration.

– Dr. Tim graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1996.

– Dr. Tim first practiced in Pennsylvania with a partner doctor, but eventually opened up his own practice. During that time, he undertook numerous Chiropractic Mission trips, volunteering his services both in the United States and in under-served countries such as Haiti, Ecuador, Jamaica and The Dominican Republic. It was during these trips that he realized the need for chiropractic care in the developing countries and began working in Peru, practicing for two years.

– Dr. Tim specializes in disc conditions and is the first doctor in Southeast Asia to become certified in The Kennedy Decompression Technique utilized to treat disc herniation. He also introduced the concept of the Active Therapeutic Technique for functional rehabilitation.

– The opportunity to work and grow in such a vibrant and expanding country such as Vietnam brought him to Southeast Asia in 2012, and he has been here ever since. Dr. Tim looks forward to a long and successful partnership with both The American Chiropractic Clinic and the people of Vietnam.

– He continues serving the community and volunteering to treat children with special needs, as well as taking part in mission trips in both Vietnam and Laos.

Dr. Tim is happily married and has found his home in Vietnam. He enjoys spending most of his free time chasing after his 2 active daughters.

Dr. Tim is a strong believer of proper nutrition and natural supplementation to maintain good health. He believes in the wealth of knowledge on good eating habits and vitamins being part of a healthy lifestyle.

A typical successful treatment case at ACC

Successful treatment of lumber spine disc herniation & spondylosis L4&L5 – Mr Nguyen Thanh Binh

Successful treatment of lumber spine degeneration – Mrs. Tran Thi Le