Dr. Luke Hamman




Dr.  Luke Hamman was born in Michigan and has been exposed to chiropractic in his entire childhood as his best friend’s father was a Chiropractor.  He benefited much from the regular checkups as well as adjustments to keep his spine and body healthy. His friend’s father also helped guide and mentor Dr.  Luke as he went through his studies in becoming a Chiropractor himself.

  • Dr. Luke Hamman holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University.
  • He then graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College with a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2014
  • During his studies, he took extra courses and seminars focusing on Sports Chiropractic, Kinesio Taping, Flexion-Distraction, and Graston Technique.
  • Prior to coming to Vietnam, Dr. Luke has practiced in the United States, India and Cambodia.  Dr. Luke embraced extensive experiences with different cultures, which helps him relate to patients from diverse backgrounds.

Amongst all the places that Dr. Luke has worked, he loves Vietnam the most for its culture, people and food.

When Dr. Luke is not treating patients, he enjoys hobbies such as running, going to the gym, traveling and playing the guitar.

Dr. Luke brings a variety of techniques to help his patients achieve optimal health.  He believes that the spine is the most important part of the body and if the spine is functioning at the highest level, the whole body can operate at its best. Dr. Luke uses this philosophy to connect and educate his patients about the benefits of Chiropractic for specific conditions, health, and overall wellness.

A typical successful treatment case at ACC

Successful treatment case of Disc Herniation, Lumber Spinal Spondylolisthesis & Stenosis L4&L5 – Mrs. Mai Thị Chi (86 years old)

Successful treatment case of disc degernation – Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha